Over $560 million
returned to our clients.


Our Business

Our team works efficiently to provide feedback on your legal claim. Once assessed, and if approved for funding, Litigation Lending agrees to pay the costs of prosecuting the claim and we can accept the risks of paying the other party’s costs if the case is unsuccessful. In return, Litigation Lending receives a predetermined share of the proceeds of a successful claim.

Types of claims we support:

Class Actions

Class actions brought on behalf of a group with similar claims and include claims for breaches of company and securities law, workplace laws and Australian consumer law



Commercial and corporate disputes including breaches of contract, Intellectual Property, company and securities law, and Director & Officer claims


Insolvency related matters in which we fund the Insolvency Practitioner to bring recovery actions on behalf of the company including claims such as unfair preferences, insolvent trading, uncommercial transactions and unreasonable director related transactions.

Can we help you?

We assess each eligible applicant on its merits ensuring a tailored approach.
In particular, we pay attention to the following funding criteria:

Claims greater than
$1 million

Defendant’s ability to pay upon settlement or judgment

Documentary evidence
of claims

Litigation budget in proportion to value of claim

Clear legal principles
for the claim

If your claim meets the above criteria, we’d love the opportunity to discuss your claim further with you. Please get in touch and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Tailored funding

Our highly experienced Litigation Managers will liaise closely with your legal team. Once your application is
approved, we will provide you with the terms of your tailored funding agreement that may include:

  • 100% of your legal fees which includes disbursements for costs such as court application fees, filing fees and transcript fees.
  • Indemnity for adverse costs.
  • Provision of acceptable security to meet costs orders.