National indigenous television programme “The Point” aired a segment on 22 November 2016 featuring Roy Savo. Mr Savo is one of over 800 class members (as at 23 November) who are part of the class, and NITV describes the anguish of Mr Savo from being denied access to his own wages that were earned and then paid to the Protector. The segment on the class action and Mr Savo starts at 18:54 on the below link:
The Point with Stan Grant (NITV), Stolen Wages (QLD)

ARTICLE: Security for Costs - March 2016

ARTICLE: Security for Costs – March 2016

Two recent decisions considered whether a deed of indemnity from an after the event (ATE) insurer could suffice as security for the defendant's costs.

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Southern Response Class Action logo

Southern Response Class Action – April 2015

Litigation Lending join with GCA Lawyers in Christchurch, New Zealand in launching the largest class action.

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Kim May

Senior Litigation Manager Appointment – May 2015

Stuart Price, CEO of Litigation Lending welcomed Ms Kim May back to the company as a Senior Litigation Manager.

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Shaun Bonet

Appointment of CEO and Managing Director – January 2015

Shaun Bonett, Chairman of Litigation Lending welcomes Mr Stuart Price as the new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company.

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